About Us

H & A Society is a company in the south region of morocco, operating in the bulk production and commercialization of organic oils and natural beauty products.

Our main mission is to supply the cosmetic markets with top quality elements straight from nature, in order to help build good and solid assets for them in said markets.

We present our products accompanied with top services in order to make the supply process easier, we offer safe and secure worldwide shipping to any point around the globe, with exceptional freight costs and fast delivery, all destined to satisfy every need our clients might have to answer their costumers’ wishes.

We also provide private labeling to our clients, giving them an opportunity to custom build their visual identity expressing their vision, their policy and their identity in a fun and smart way convincing costumers to buy more and regularly.

Our products are 100% natural, organic and Bio, certifies (from EcoCert, Onssa, USDA, …..) , produced with great care and big love, destined to make natural beauty a trend again.